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Why I love Iridology

If I had to list the reasons why I love Iridology at the top of that list would be this.

Iridology reveals so much about our health, and not just our physical health but our emotional health as well.

It helps us to understand who we are and why we respond and behave in a certain way. It sheds so much light on our inherent personality traits so that we can appreciate our quirks rather than judge them.

Iridology reminds us that we are all so different and what makes us unique is to be honoured and celebrated, not criticised.

When you learn what your iris says about you, you can move away from thinking that there is something wrong with you, or that you're broken, and move into a space of self acceptance and love.

When you accept who you are you can start to work with yourself and not against, you can truly activate that 'best friend mode' that I talk a lot about to really serve yourself on a deeper level.

You can start to uncover what you need to thrive, rather than what others dictate is right for you so that you can realise your full potential in this lifetime.

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