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When did we stop listening to our body?

We have a headache. We take a Panadol.

We have acid reflux. We take Mylanta.

We eat cheese. We get diarrhoea.

We drink milk. We get stomach cramps.

We eat sugar. We have a skin breakout.

We don’t drink water. We get a headache.

We drink too much beer. We get acid reflux.

And so the cycle continues.

Our body has this magical way of telling us when we’ve done something that it doesn’t like.

This is why we have the symptoms. You know, the headache, the nausea, the cramps, the constipation, the diarrhoea, the bloating, the skin breakouts, the asthma, and so on.

All symptoms of a deeper issue.

The deeper issue that we are ignoring by simply throwing a Panadol at our problem.

Sometimes a Panadol is necessary, but understand that all the Panadol does is snooze the alarm. That alarm that is your headache, ringing to alert you to that deeper issue. Your body is trying to get your attention, but you're not listening.

We endlessly treat symptoms, and here we are, stuck in a loop that never seems to resolve.

It is time to stop.

Take a deep breath, and check in with yourself.

If you are serious about avoiding disease, maybe it's time to start listening.

If you know that not drinking water is going to give you a headache, then drink the water. If you know that eating cheese is going to give you violent diarrhoea, then eat something else. If you know that eating sugary foods when you're stressed is only going to make you feel worse, then go for a walk instead.

Trouble is, we’re so busy running around after everyone else that we forget to check in with ourselves. We forget until we are reminded again, time and time again.

This is how we create disease in our body.

This is how we shorten our lifespan.

This is how we create a body full of pain and inflammation.

This is how we end up in waiting rooms.

Stop ignoring the alarm, because eventually it will stop sounding, and that’s when the real trouble begins.

It is time to reconnect to your body. To set your intention to listen more.

Your health is your most valuable asset, and you are nothing without it.

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