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Supplements - we don’t need them, do we? We should be able to get what we need from our food!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

So yes, whilst that may be mostly true, for some people it simply isn’t that easy.

When I first started health coaching, I was dead against supplementation. I believed that we could get what we needed from our food.

But, as I started to work with actual people and move away from textbooks, I started to realise something. My views needed to change.

Being stubborn was only serving my ego, not my clients. It was stopping me from listening to their needs and coming from a place of true service. I needed to learn that every single person is different, and one size most certainly does not fit all.

So, as I started to broaden my experience and coach people with chronic disease, safety became the single most important thing, because detoxing has its risks, and so does diet modification if its not done properly.

Firstly, let me be clear here, I don’t encourage supplementation for people who are trying to cut corners, if your diet is poor and you have no plans on correcting that, well supplementation is creating some pretty expensive urine.

The reason I [sometimes] support supplementation is to keep people who have chronic mineral deficiencies safe and functioning.

Let’s use Catherine as our example. She presented with low ferritin (iron in her blood). Her level was 2. She is complaining that she can barely keep her eyes open. She is exhausted, suffering from headaches, dizziness, ringing ears and shortness of breath. She is struggling to even take her kids to school in the morning.

Will I tell Catherine to go eat her greens? Yes, absolutely.

Will I tell Catherine to correct her diet and increase fibre so she can start to detox whatever plaque lines her intestinal wall potentially creating malabsorption? You better believe I will!

But, I will also tell her to go past the chemist and get herself some Floradix to take daily until we work through all her issues and get her back on track.

How long will it take to get Catherine back on track? Months, or longer? So if she doesn’t supplement, how will she function in the meantime?

I will help Catherine get back into a state of balance so she can start to physically and emotionally receive the nourishing food her body craves and deserves. I will help her detox her digestive system and improve absorption. I will help her to get all her body needs through her diet, but in the meantime, I will keep her safe [and awake so she can take her kids to school].

We all have a different story. We all have unique bodies.

So I implore you to connect with yours, and listen to it. Create yourself a long-term plan to resolve your health issues, but whilst you are doing that, keep yourself safe.

Love and light to each of you.

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