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Lemon cleanse every morning

Looking after yourself each day does not have to be hard. Simply making this little drink every morning takes about 3 minutes and could increase your lifespan by several years!

Many studies have shown that drinking this mixture reduces body fat, your insulin resistance and your risk for cardiovascular disease.


  • Squeeze an entire small lemon into a glass

  • Add a pinch of cayenne (as much as you can tolerate)

  • Add 1 tbsp maple syrup (more if you like it sweet!)

  • 200 - 300mls filtered room temp water

  • Stir with a wooden spoon

  • Drink within 15 minutes

A few notes:

Stainless steel/metal spoons react with the citric acid and other enzymes of the lemon juice and can reduce their activity.

If you want to warm it up you can, however, do not add hot water directly to the lemon juice! Prepare your drink and then add room temp water, and then a dash of hot water, but not too much! This is not meant to be a hot beverage.

Don't use half a lemon and then store the other half in the fridge. For this purpose, a lemon that has been sitting in the fridge for a day is useless to you. The enzymatic properties or lemons are most active within the first 15 minutes of you cutting the lemon so it is best consumed then and not after it has completely oxidised.

Lemon juice is great for so many things, but in this recipe we primarily use it to help flush toxins from our system and to purify our blood first thing in the morning. It offers unbeatable levels of vit C that helps to protect every cell in our body from the effects of free radicals created as a response to toxicity exposure. Free radical damage can lead to cancer!

Cayenne is a powerful blood cleaner. It promotes the production of stomach enzymes to support digestion, it offers a good level of protection against infections, and the high levels of capsaicin can help to reduce high blood pressure, which in turn lowers your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Maple syrup is what we use, not honey, not stevia, not agave, just pure organic maple syrup! We don't want the rubbish from the supermarket that is 'maple flavoured'. We want the real pure maple sap straight from the Canadian maple trees. Pure syrup is unrefined and unprocessed making it incredibly high in antioxidants and significantly higher in riboflavin, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, and manganese compared to honey.

A word on water - It doesn't make sense to use tap water (ever!) given we are trying to support the liver, not burden it with the 200+ chemicals dumped in our drinking water daily so filter it first! Especially before putting it into your kettle, boiling tap water makes it worse as it concentrates the heavy metals, not magically eliminates them.

Do this every day for just 21 days and then tell me how you feel. I promise you that you will absolutely notice a difference! It takes 3 minutes of your time, a pretty small investment that you can all make.

Share this with anyone suffering from fatty liver disease and if they are really serious they can have their bloods tested before and after 90 days of doing this, the results WILL be vastly improved by just doing this one single thing. I have many clients that will attest to this!

Cheers to a long, healthy life!

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